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Plan Toys

  • Plan Toys Balancing Boat 5136 box

    Plan Toys Balancing Boat 5136

    The Plan Toys Balancing Boat game helps develop fine motor skills. Toss the dice to see what color you get and then choose an animal that has the same color as the one you rolled. The player that can balance the animals on...

  • Plan Toys Timber Tumble detailed

    Plan Toys Timber Tumble

    The Plan Toys Timber Tumble game helps develop fine motor skills., concentration and perserverance. The beaver is on top of the pile. Can you keep him there while you remove one wooden piece at a time or wil he topple off...

  •  Sorting Boat

    Sorting Boat - Plan Toys

    Shape and sort the pieces on the boat like loading goods at port. It encourages children?s recognition of shapes and colors as well as develops hand-eye coordination skills...

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