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Wild Life

  • Schleich – Asian Elephant Female 14753

    Schleich – Asian Elephant Female SC14753

    Elephants have extremely flexible and strong trunks with 150,000 muscle fascicles. African elephants have two "gripping fingers" at the tip of the trunk, whereas Asian elephants only have one. Fun Fact:...

  • Schleich – Gorilla Male 14770

    Schleich – Gorilla Male 14770

    Male gorillas often beat their fists on their chests. They do so to show who is the strongest in the group. However, it can also be a kind of greeting. Gorillas don’t just walk on the palms of their hands, but also...

  • Schleich – Kangaroo Exclusive 14756

    Schleich – Kangaroo Exclusive 14756

    There are 65 kangaroo species – ranging from the small tree-kangaroo to the red giant kangaroo, which is the largest of all. When it stands upright, it is as tall as an adult human. Fun Fact: Red giant kangaroos can grow up...

  • Schleich – Lion Roaring 14726

    Schleich – Lion Roaring 14726

    Lions are the only big cats whose males have a mane which makes them clearly distinguishable from females of the species. Fun Fact: It takes five years for the mane of a male lion to grow fully. Suitable for ages 3...

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