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  • Schleich – Asian Elephant Female 14753

    Schleich – Asian Elephant Female SC14753

    Elephants have extremely flexible and strong trunks with 150,000 muscle fascicles. African elephants have two "gripping fingers" at the tip of the trunk, whereas Asian elephants only have one. Fun Fact:...

  • Lucy - Pink Owl

    Owl Plush Toy - Boyles
    $24.95 $15.50

    3 Colours to choose from, these beautiful Plush Owls are lovely for kids of all ages. Choose from: Harry - Blue Owl Barney - Green Owl  Lucy - Pink Owl Mixed fabric textures great for learning little minds...

  • Schleich – Icelandic Pony Stallion 13815

    Schleich – Icelandic Pony Stallion SC13815

    Icelandic ponies are as wild and free as Iceland itself. They are strongly built with a thick coat. These self-assured, freedom-loving horses are full of character and bursting with life. Fun Fact: Although Icelandic ponies...

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