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Soy Melts and Tealights

  • Soy Melts - Clam Shell

    Soy Melts - Clam Shell

    Our clam shell melts come in your choice of Fragrance and are ready for use in your Oil burner or warmer. Each clam contains 6 "break off" cubes of wax which you snap off and put in your oil burner. Always be careful not to...

  • Tea lights - Soy - 6 pack

    Tea lights - Soy - 6 pack

    Kiozwi unfragranced Soy Tea Lights come in a pack of 6 ... and have a 5+ hour burn time per Tea Light. Box Dimesions- 8cm Wide x 12cm High x 2.2cm in Depth Please read Kiozwi Candle Safety before burning your Candles...

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