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Scents of Australia Soy Candles Fragrances


Scents of Australia collection is the latest collection to our soy candle range at Kiozwi

Choose from 8 fragrances blended to remind you of the beauty of Australia and its varying landscapes, flora and fauna.

Shop these amazing fragrances ... H E R E 

Australian Bush

Just close your eyes and imagine you are in the bush just after a light rain shower.  Australian Bush is a rich true to life floral blended fragrance has a rich floral blend.  Green leaves with a touch of floral infused with herbal citrus lemon, eucalyptus and pine.  

Australian Bamboo

Lime zest, spearmint, and lavender balanced with a touch of ozone notes.  This clean, fresh fragrance has a hint of fresh cut grass and spicy cedarwood with a dash of nutmeg which round off a delightful refreshing aroma.

Australian Sandalwood

Australian Sandalwood is an intense blend so accurately reflecting the fragrance of true Australian sandalwood.  A very deep woody fragrance. 

Banksia Bergamot

This is a bergamot and fresh citrus floral infusion layered with lemon peel, grapefruit, delightful banksia, cassia bark and fir needle. A lovely sweet aroma reflecting the Australian outdoors.

Desert Lime Sea Pasley

This is a delightful fresh and clean herbaceous scent.  Citrusy lime zest combined with soft middle notes of parsley seeds.  Finishing with the green spirit of geranium leaf makes this a refreshing Zingy fragrance.   

Jacaranda Berry

Precious woods, Vetiver and a divine trio of jacaranda, honeysuckle and jasmine highlight make this a mysterious fragrance.  Top notes of juicy red berries blended with fresh fruits and soft florals really make this a favourite for many. 

Kakadu Plum Bush Cucumber

Bitter blood plum and fresh cucumber make up the base of this fruity tart fragrance.  Add the allure of spicy musk and comforting vanilla with a dash of green leaf then a splash of fir needle with an orange citrus twist to complete a lovely bold and beautiful aroma.

Sweet Quandong Mountain Pepper

This divine fruity blend mixes orange and grapefruit with fresh apple. Add Sweet mandarin and soft soothing melon with a soft hit of pepper.  Its fruity essence resonates with a sweet and fresh character, sure to become a favourite.

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