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Rose Gold Copper Collection


Our Rose Gold Copper Collection come gift boxed in black tissue and a lovely matt black gift box. 

Perfect for gift giving or to enjoy yourself with the classic Rose gold/Copper vessel which adds to any modern interior.  

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Australian Bush

Just close your eyes and imagine you are in the bush just after a light rain shower.  Australian Bush is a rich true to life floral blended fragrance has a rich floral blend.  Green leaves with a touch of floral infused with herbal citrus lemon, eucalyptus and pine.  

Coconut Breeze

Coconut, with a dash of creamy almond and vanilla.  Add a splash of musk and you have the delicious fragrance of Coconut Breeze.

Cucumber Ginger Mint

This fragrance is fresh and clean.  Instant fresh cucumber, crisp ginger root and mint.  Linger longer and you can smell a hint of mimosa flower  crisps green pear. This almost smells watery.

Lemongrass Citrus

Stimulate your senses with a vibrant delightful mix of sweet orange, lime, bergamot and of course, unforgettable Lemongrass.  A favourite of citrus and lemongrass lovers a like.

 Lychee Peony

A delightful combination of fruit and floral.  The scent of soft exquisite peony petals blended with the subtle freshness of Lychee fruit to create a favourite for many.

Nectarine Mint

Juicy and fresh, a blend of ripe nectarine, grapefruit and spearmint infused with cedarwood, lemongrass and orange.


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