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  • Schleich - Andalusian Stallion 13821

    Schleich - Andalusian Stallion 13821

    Only Andalusians that are listed in the studbook can be designated a Pure Spanish Horse (PRE). In order to be listed, they have to undergo a registration and selection process. The horse is inspected and its gaits and...

  • Schleich - Haflinger Mare 13812

    Schleich - Haflinger Mare SC13812

    Haflingers are extremely gentle, versatile and intelligent. It’s love at first sight for most horse fans when they see their beautiful, sorrel-coloured coats and blonde manes. Fun Fact: Haflinger mares can give birth to...

  • Schleich - Lipizzaner Mare

    Schleich - Lipizzaner Mare 13819

    Lipizzaners can master difficult dressage exercises with ease. The breed is best known for the capriole. This is a jump in place in which all four of the horses’ hoofs are in the air. At the highest point, it kicks out with...

  • Schleich – Giraffe Male 14749

    Schleich – Giraffe Male 14749

    Giraffe bulls are so large, they can put their head through the window of the second floor of a building and say "hello". Their tongue is up to 50 centimetres long, is desensitised to prickly leaves, and has an unusual...

  • Schleich – Hanoverian Mare 13817

    Schleich – Hanoverian Mare 13817

    Hanoverians are strong-willed and highly ambitious, and extremely gifted show horses. They are especially skilled at jumping and dressage. Only mares that pass an exacting test are entered into the studbook. Fun Fact:...

  • Schleich – Icelandic Pony Stallion 13815

    Schleich – Icelandic Pony Stallion SC13815

    Icelandic ponies are as wild and free as Iceland itself. They are strongly built with a thick coat. These self-assured, freedom-loving horses are full of character and bursting with life. Fun Fact: Although Icelandic ponies...

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