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Kiozwi May Update

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Hi all,

It's been over 5 months now since Kiozwi moved into its own retail location at Shop 3 93-103 High Street Preston and turned this

Into this


As you can see we have been busy over that time. We have reconfigured our store at least 6 times to make way for more and more products  from local artisans and quality name brands that blend seamlessly. Even since this photo was taken not more than a week ago the store has once again been changed around. Don't be surprise that they'll be something new or moved around when you come and visit us in store.

At last count with our own Kiozwi brand we market and sell products 10+ local artisans and 15+ well known brands. We publish regular updates on our facebook page KiozwiHandmade  . We will be publishing a much more regular blog here on our website. 

If you have a question or want me to write on something special about Kiozwi or one of it's artisans, go ahead and ask.

Looking forward to blogging from Kiozwi soon.

Ciao ciao

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