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Kinetic Sand at Kiozwi Handmade

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One of the products we sell at Kiozwi Handmade is called Sand in Motion or Kinetic Sand. If you have never seen it or heard of it you are missing out. Kinetic Sand is Sand that mimics wet sand that is designed to be used indoors, can be moulded into different shapes, doesn't stick to your hands and is safe for children. The makers of it say it’s 98 % Sand and 2 % Magic; and I think they forget to add 100 % fun.

Kinetic Sand was developed in Sweden originally for children who had development issues. Not only was the sand so good at what it was intended for in the first people, anybody who touched became entranced by it and its appeal has grown to a much wider audience.

Check out the video below

You can purchase Kinetic Sand in 1 kg or 5 kg in our online store at Kiozwi Handmade or come into our retail store. Find us on Google Maps. We’re located in Preston. 

We can guarantee once you touch this incredible sand that you will be blown away. You’ll find that it’s not just for little kids but for people of all ages. We know that one thing always happens when parents come into our shop with their kids. As soon as we say come over and play with the sand, all kids suddenly go quite. For us bigger kids at heart, maybe it will be just the ticket to build your own little Zen garden for your office desk to help you get through the day.

Come and see and touch it yourself at Kiozwi Handmade.

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