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About Kiozwi




Kiozwi was founded by Christina Thomas in early 2012.

Kiozwi has grown from my passion for the creative ... and finer quality of Soy Candles, into a passion to share my beautiful creations with others.

Growing up things like Linen, china, crystal and even candles were always kept for that "Special Occasion" that would never arrive.

Now ... our Candles, with their soothing scents and calming ambiance, are something to be shared and enjoyed every day!

When making our candles, they are produced in small batches, sometimes only 2-3 candles at once, and poured by hand to ensure the highest quality is upheld in the creation of each individual candle.

From that passion came our first and core business of Soy candles. We opened our online web store and started doing markets around local Melbourne area.
We received great feedback and met lots of great artists. One question we got asked a lot was "Do you have a retail shop?" This question planted a seed and we thought "One day we would love to open our own "Kiozwi" store."

Well that one day arrived a lot sooner than we expected. In Late December in 2013 we opened a retail store and bought in some of those wonderful other artists who shared the same passions for their own creations that we met along the way.

Customer feedback has seen Kiozwi branch out even further by creating a retail presence in the store to respond to requests for certain products and gifts.

Kiozwi has grown from a core business of Soy candles to include other home fragrance products including Room Mists, Reed diffusers and soy melts with other products in the pipeline. Additionally we continue to stock items from other great local artists whom we have a passion to support and a range of retail products from toddlers to adults. will now evolve with our growing range of products.

Where will we evolve to next? That is anyone’s guess and as a comment that inspired us a while back remember “resist the usual”.



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