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Powerup bring a new era to paper airplanes by adding electric power to your paper plane creations. We all remember the fun of taking a simple bit of paper and folding it into our favourite design and throwing it and seeing how far it can go. Now with electric power your plane will fly loner, soar higher than you can possibly imagine. Powerup planes come in two versions PowerUP 2.0 and PowerUP 3.0.

  • PowerUp 3.0

    PowerUp 3.0

    Ready to take your PowerUp to the next level ? PowerUp 3.0 unleashes your electric airplanes to the next level with the ability to control your paper airplane with your smart phone. The app supports both Android and Iphone...

  • PowerUp Boat

    PowerUp Boat
    USD13.13 USD11.67

    Take the classic origami paper boat to the next level with the NEW - PowerUp Boat. Fold a sheet of water proof paper, add the propeller and launch it across the open waters. Quick wind up mechanism will give you up to 10...

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