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Walter Pfeifer created the CRYSTALP brand in 2001 after working 20 years for Swarovski, leaving in the position of Vice President Marketing. CRYSTALP’s Tyrolean parent company is based in Wattens, Austria and specialises in the production and trade of high quality fashion jewellery and accessories.CRYSTALP employs a young in-house design and development team, whilst also participating locally in an assembly work based programme where nearby Austrian residents painstakingly set the crystals for each piece before going through a stringent quality control process within the factory itself.

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Walter continues to have a strong relationship with Swarovski, givingCRYSTALP access to new crystal designs which are sometimes ahead of the wider market. Coincidentally, CRYSTALP is a preferred supplier to Swarovski and manufactures pieces for their outlets in Austria.

All CRYSTALP jewellery and accessory pieces are made from copper and brass base metals, then are thickly plated with either a rhodium or gold alloy and rhodium mix with particular emphasis given to wear points – like the bottom of a ring. All jewellery has been tested as non-allergenic and is 100% nickel free.

CRYSTALP is a rapidly growing international brand with a large presence throughout Central and Eastern Europe, Russia, the Middle East, Hong Kong, China, and of course Australasia. Stand-alone mono brand stores also exist throughout Austria. With the current high prices of both gold and silver, CRYSTALP Jewellery presents itself as a very attractive alternative to precious metals at a reasonable price point within the marketplace.



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